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The launch of www.blindsidesport.com signifies not only the addition of yet another website to the established forum of online sporting opinion, but the beginning of an alternative approach to sports journalism. Seeking to explain why and how events occur as opposed to merely reporting results, Blindside Sport channels its resources into the provision of analysis that is both insightful and unique. Covering the NRL, AFL, Cricket, Tennis and Football globally, Blindside Sport incorporates both diversity and expertise to provide a fundamentally different sports resource.

It is through this pursuit that Blindside Sport finds its identity. The provision of a complementary service to existing sporting news sources allows for regular features across multiple sports that are in-depth, discerning, topical and thoroughly researched. Moreover, the establishment of a community consisting of informed sports fans further enhances the www.blindsidesport.com experience for individuals formerly deprived of a platform through which their knowledge and passion for particular sports could be explored.

Focusing on the causes and effects of sporting realities rather than events themselves in isolation allows Blindside Sport to have a distinct competitive advantage in two primary areas:

1)     Channeling of resources towards insightful features facilitated by acknowledging the already satisfied demand for live scores, complete results and complete fixtures

2)     Identifying a target audience with advanced sports knowledge to ensure all content is relevant, informative and insightful

The Blindside Sport team is as highly committed to the delivery of the above as you are to your favorite team. Combining expertise and a corresponding passion across our entire array of sports, www.blindsidesport.com provides the ideal platform from which you can enhance your sporting knowledge and appreciation.

Welcome to Blindside Sport, the Authority on Sports Analysis!


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