NRL Fantasy and NRL Supercoach: Bye and Origin Planner 2016


In an attempt to help you negotiate the fantasy hell that is the mid-part of the NRL season, Blindside Sport’s official NRL Fantasy and NRL Supercoach Bye and Origin planner returns for 2016! Last year, over 8000 people benefitted from our bye and Origin planner spreadsheet, and we’re hoping even more reap the rewards this time around. 

Download out NRL Fantasy Bye and Origin Planner 2016 here.

Make sure you’re across our NRL Fantasy 2016 pre-season positional previews:

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Compulsory reading for all NRL fantasy and NRL Supercoach enthusiasts, this bye and Origin planner spreadsheet covers (1) the rounds in which your players have byes, (2) the Rounds in which Origin players will be unavailable for club selection, and (3) the relative ease of schedule faced by your team and its players over the bye period.

Teams highlighted in ‘Orange’ have byes that fall on weeks where Origin players will be unavailable for club selection. This means that if you intend on selecting a player likely to play Origin (Cameron Smith), they ideally have their byes on these weeks. As a result, players like Melbourne’s Cameron Smith will miss just one additional match due to State of Origin commitments in 2016. By the same token, this means that non-Origin players aren’t as useful as they would otherwise be, as they provide coverage in just 1 of the 3 major bye rounds (Andrew McCullough or Jamie Lyon).

This year, just one team will provide coverage in all three major bye rounds. Non-Origin players (Nathan Peats) from teams highlighted in ‘Red’ (Parramatta Eels) will play in all major bye rounds, and as such, are gold.

Teams highlighted in ‘Grey’ don’t have an overly favourable bye schedule. Considering there is only one team from which origin players will miss five games over the Origin period, Origin players from teams highlighted in grey have relatively poor bye schedules. By the same token, non-Origin players from teams in grey will miss just two games, however will only provide bye coverage in two of the three major bye rounds.

 Origin PlayersNon-Origin Players
RedMiss 5 gamesCover 3 major byes
GreyMiss 4 gamesCover 2 major byes
OrangeMiss 3 gamesCover 1 major bye

This year, we’ve provided you with NRL Fantasy ‘Strength of Schedule’ calculations.

  • The ‘Average Position of Opponent’ column indicates the relative ease of schedule, on average, facing a particular club over the Origin period. For example, during the bye period, the Wests Tigers face opponents with an average 2015 final ladder position of between 5th and 6th (a tough schedule). The Manly Sea Eagles on the other hand face opponents with an average position of between 9th and 10th on the ladder, the easiest schedule of any side.
  • This ranking doesn’t cover every factor you need to know (number of tackles forced by the opposition per match, defensive ranks, missed tackles etc.), however it provides a good indication of players you might want to target. As a starting point, teams with harder schedules will record fewer attacking statistics, but will record an increase in defensive categories. The reverse applies for teams with favourable schedules.

Over the coming weeks, we’ll be analysing every position across both AFL and NRL fantasy in detail, giving you the complete guide as to who you might want to ‘target’ and ‘avoid’ for the coming season. The links to those articles are below:

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