NRL Fantasy Front: Round 7


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  1. Good afternoon Roman
    I have been toying with the idea of trading out Clinton Gutherson (Eels) as I think that he has earn’t all the money that he can get & his avg is approx 27 pts /rd. I would like to trade him for Kerrod Holland (Bulldogs). Is this a silly move??

    • Yeah I wouldn’t make that move. Gutherson has great job security and will be gold over the bye period. Holland could be dropped for Stanley when he returns. You also only pocket 20k or so. You’re better off finding another way to get Holland in. I wouldn’t go chasing him though, he’s the best of an average bunch of cash cows.

  2. Hi there Roman
    I was thinking of trading in Dylan Napa, (as I need a Rooster for the bye period), also he is a DPP. But with Jared Waerea Hargreaves & Boyd Cordner coming back into the team soon, I am sure that he will lose alot of time on the field. He is trying to make a statement at the moment but its going to be hard to replace these other two players. I also have Sio Siua Taukeiaho in the team.
    Now my question is – do I trade out Taukeiaho for Napa or would it be better to look for someone else, or hold onto Taukeiaho until he can comeback from injury. Remembering the he too will be affected by the 2 returning players.
    Please what would you do??

      • Thks Roman, I brought in Mannering & as my luck would have it, he goes out and cuts his face open. But I will hold him. My question this week is, do I trade out H Hunt for Suliasi Vunivalu, Richard Kennar or Ashley Taylor for Will Pearsall?? Appreciate your thoughts

        • Trade Hunt before Taylor. Doesn’t really matter who for, all those cheapies have limited job security. I’ve had Kennar since the start but am nervous he’s going to get dropped any week now. He’s probably got better job sdcurity than Vunivalu though. I brought Mannering in too, as you say, he’s a definite hold.

          • Thanks Roman. I did bring in Kennar for H Hunt, guess I will have to wait and see what happens

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